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PIP II – Personal Identity Profile – Version II

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The PIP II (Personal Identity Profile II) is a unique self-assessment tool which is based on the Seven Rays, part of the Ageless Wisdom, and used to help people gain insight into themselves, their purpose and life direction. Originally developed in 1984-85 it has been taken by thousand of people throughout the world. It has helped them bring out their strengths and understand their limitations, leading to an appreciation of their own individual qualities and identity.

Take The PIP-II test here:   PIP-II — Personal Identity Profile 

The PIP II is accessed through an on-line program in which you respond to a set of 205 preference-based statements and several other assessments. Some information is collected for analysis for a PIP III. The PIP II can take up to several hours to complete, although this varies with each individual. You are able to stop the program at any time and continue where you left off. In order to take the PIP II you first need to create an account.

After you have completed the PIP II and an exchange of energy (donation), you will have the option of viewing your results with several different charts and graphs. These present you with a very useful visual image of the relative strength of the Seven Rays, and the Fourteen Ray Types within your energy system.

Take The PIP-II test here:   http://www.pip2online.com

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Many of you know that the orginal PIP was started in 1984-85. Almost 30 years ago. The PIP II came about in 1993 by statistically analyzing the results of that orginal PIP. It’s now been 20 years and we are now in the process of analyzing the PIP II so that we may bring you the PIP III (or PIP 3).

The PIP II.1 is a step in that direction. Our validity and reliability analysis over the last many months has suggested that we are doing a good job, but could do a better one. Thus, among other changes, the PIP II.1 has an additional 88 statements which we will be evaluating. These statements will be analyzed, but have not been so far. Thus they are not part of the PIP II results. In other words if you took the PIP II before April 1st and then took it after April 1st and answered the same way your results would be exactly the same.

There is one exception to the above. We have added to the Now and Formerly a Future field. The Future field, like the Formerly, is not meant to target any particular future period in your life, but rather your future experience considered more or less as a whole. You are to indicate the degree to which, in the future, you expect to be as the statement indicates.

If you have taken the PIP II in the past your records are safe and nothing has changed. If you log in you will see the same statements in the same order and get the same results. It’s only for accounts started after April 1st that one would see a difference as you expect it will occur.

If you wish to aid us with our analysis we welcome your help. If you have taken the PIP II in the past you will need to start with a new account, i.e. create account. We do suggest, if you wish, you may use the “alternative energy exchange” and simply write “Helping Out”. If you are in the old version the header should read “PIP II”. If in the new version it should read “PIP II.1”. If you have any suggestions please click the following:

Take The PIP-II test here:   PIP-II — Personal Identity Profile 




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