"To understand comprehensively, to live wisely, to serve selflessly"

The overriding theme and intention of all of our work
is the preparation of human minds and hearts
for the reappearance of the World Teacher
and the coming externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet.


To strengthen spiritual love, spiritual will and practical spiritual intelligence in its students and friends. The educational programs (academic, meditative and musical) of the Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays are designed to help mature individuals (men and women of goodwill) understand the subjective causes behind external events, and to more effectively serve the cause of human upliftment and fulfillment.

To help support and strengthen the work of the United Nations and its agencies in recognition that it remains the best vehicle we have for the realization of a better world for all people throughout the world.

We also hold it as a vital part of our mission to aid in the development of New Esoteric Schools (predicted by the Sage, Djwhal Khul) in a number of different continents and nations: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Our purpose is to stimulate a deep academic and meditative understanding in those who are motivated to inaugurate and develop such schools.

All our educational programs are based upon the system of esoteric philosophy known as the “Ageless Wisdom,” or the “Trans-Himalayan Wisdom,” derived from the teachings of the Christ (in the New Testament), the Buddha, and other Spiritual Masters, with special emphasis on the writings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul. We believe that the Ageless Wisdom forms the heart and soul of the world’s great religions and philosophies and our mission is to promote an understanding of the Ageless Wisdom wherever in the world we can find a true response.

As Co-founder and President of the University of the Seven Rays, and Director of the Morya Federation— Schools of Occult Meditation (the Internet expression of the USR), Michael (and his coworkers) has persistently sounded and sustained the note for sponsoring USR/SRI Conference, now in its 29th year.

As a long-standing teacher of the Ageless Wisdom through the study of the Seven Rays, Esoteric Astrology, Cosmology, and Rayology, he has inspired students worldwide, some of whom have gone on to form their own organizations to continue the spread of the Ageless Wisdom. Michael is the author of Tapestry of the Gods (two volumes on Rayology), Infinitization of Selfhood (a philosophical treatise on the nature of Essential Identity) and is currently writing a three-volume treatise on Esoteric Astrology. His completed works are available for purchase and, are also available with a number of works in progress, online and free of charge. Michael’s extensive commentaries on A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, The Rays and the Initiations and Discipleship in the New Age, Vols. I and II, and astrology can be accessed through the Makara Website.

Michael is the co-creator (with Rick Good) of the Personality Identity Profile (PIP II) now offered in a new version over the Internet and used widely for purposes of ray assessment. Michael has composed and authored fifteen musical, ceremonial ritual dramas and astrological Solar Fire Festivals that facilitate the invocation and expression of energies of the twelve Zodiacal Signs for the monthly festivals of the emerging New World Religion. He resides in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, Tuija with whom he collaborates closely in teaching the Ageless Wisdom, and in Phoenix, Arizona where he collaborates musically with Harold Moses. Tuija and Michael direct the Northern Light Mystery School in Finland and present classes in esotericism internationally.

Dr. José Becerra is a certified preventive medicine specialist and researcher. Among his career goals is the synthesis of the orthodox scientific method with the esoteric approach to the quest for truth.

For the last 10 years Dr. Becerra has devoted his esoteric work to the study and practice of Agni Yoga, authoring and publishing several websites in Spanish, including one devoted to the life and work of Vicente  Beltrán Anglada and his Second Ray approach to Agni Yoga.

Duane holds 3 US patents on light technology devises that are used for spiritual alignment and ray assessment with color. He has studied traditions as diverse as Hypnosis with Maurice Kershaw in Montreal, Canada, receiving an advanced degree, to yoga with Vishnu Devananda in the mountains of Wal Morin in eastern Canada, to the Self Realization Fellowship in California, being a Kriya yogi for some 40 years.

President of the Boston Theosophical society for two years He also developed a two year Telepathy Program for the USR and coordinated with Glenda Christian their New World Religion program. Duane is presently on the faculty of the Morya University and has a extensive website devoted to different esoteric and mystical themes. that receives over 85 thousands visits per month. Duane is presently finishing a symbolic – animated – picture – book on the devas that can be accessed online:

Halina Bak-Hughes is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Seven Ray Institute (SRI) and the University of the Seven Rays (USR), and has served as the annual International Conference and Program Coordinator for the last twelve years. Halina holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, an M.S.E. (Masters in Esoteric Philosophy) and a D.D.E. (Doctor of Divinity in Esoteric Philosophy, ABD) from the USR.

Together with her husband, Sheldon Hughes, as co-founders of Capricorn Consulting Group, her inner mission has been awakening and developing the Soul in organizational life by building soul-inspired groups and cultures for humanity and the new world that is rapidly unfolding.

Halina’s current life passion is activating the living powers of the Soul through her healing coaching practice, “Portals into Soul – Living the Ascending Journey”, utilizing her many years of esoteric and secular practices, studies and ‘Ageless Wisdom’ principles which includes: Soul Thoughts as Agents of Transformation, The Living Presence, group work, meditation and visualization, ritual & ceremony, and a deep alliance with the Anima Mundi – the Soul of the World. She is a certified trainer/practictioner in Holodynamics – a quantum, psycho-spiritual unfoldment process integrating Spirit-Soul-Body, and has earned numerous certificates and course completions in complementary fields. Halina created the website: to combine ‘sacred text, music, beauty & art’ as portals into a “living experience of the Sacred” and to educate about the coming world. In 2013, she was guided to initiate and facilitate a meditative group process for “Esoteric Advent” accessing the deeper esoteric currents of Christic traditions in preparation for inclusion in the New World Religion. Esoteric Mystery traditions dovetail with her ongoing work on the activation, unfoldment of, and initiation into the deep creative ‘Mysteries of Universal Consciousness’.

Halina lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California (Grass Valley area) together with her husband, Sheldon, and their cat person, Alcyone – Little Lady. Halina can be reached via email.

Sheldon Hughes holds a BA in Religion from Princeton University, an MBA in Organizational Behavior from NYU, and a D.D.E. (Doctor of Divinity in Esoteric Philosophy, ABD) from the USR. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Seven Ray Institute (SRI) and the University of the Seven Rays (USR), and assists in the role of Conference and Program Coordinator.

Professionally, Sheldon has served as an independent leadership and culture development consultant and Executive Coach. As the principal co-founder of Capricorn Consulting Group, for decades he has worked with high profile companies and organizations developing a team and whole system values- based approach to business. His mission has been to assist in the transformation of business and the development of soul inspired groups working for the awakening and betterment of humanity. Sheldon’s current interests include ‘Living the Teachings and Spiritual Livingness’, building Soul-based Cultures, exploring Conscious Capitalism and celebrating the emergence of the many service groups and movements inspired by the Masters of the Wisdom.

He and his wife, Halina, are part of a worldwide community of active conscious servers working largely behind the scenes to support others in applying the wisdom teachings, and values and principles that are the driving forces for the emergence of the new Aquarian culture and civilization.

After living seventeen years in Marin county, California, they now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with their little cat person, Alcyone, aka, Little Lady. Sheldon can be reached via email.

HG Moses is the director of the Institute of Harmonic Science, a 501c3 educational organization in Phoenix, AZ dedicated to the physics and metaphysics of vibration.

He is a member of the Mind-Body Department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and a partner in Harmonic Research and Design, LLC – a company which develops devices which utilize Harmonics for health and wellness.

Kathy Newburn began working at Lucis Trust in the late 1970’s and has recently returned. Kathy is also the author of A Planetary Awakening: Reflections on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey.

She lives in New York City.

Olivia Hansen is Founder and President of both the Synthesis Foundation and the Spiritual Life TV Channel. She is a long-time student and teacher of spiritual wisdom. Olivia has been lead sponsor and collaborator on many Dalai Lama events including Kalachakra for World Peace in Washington DC, and the Dalai Lama’s World Peace Talk at the US Capitol in Washington DC, as well as Dalai Lama events in Atlanta, Bloomington, and Louisville, KY. Olivia collaborates with many leaders, teachers and groups of spiritual consciousness to help bring about growth of consciousness to create a more spiritual world. She sponsors conferences that advance awareness and progressive ideas.

Through her Synthesis Foundation, she helps advance Trans-Himalayan wisdom teachings as well as practical wisdom for the awakening public. Olivia’s Spiritual Life TV Channel features engaging videos that offer accessible wisdom teachings from many spiritual traditions. The videos show how a person can live a more spiritual, peaceful and happy life.

Olivia’s new initiative is working with outstanding women from around the world to share women’s wisdom, insights and sacred feminine qualities in “Rising Women, Rising World: Creating a World that Works for Everyone.” This exciting initiative will launch later on this year.

See her TV website:

“To understand comprehensively,
to live wisely, to serve selflessly”


“A Spiritual and Universal Approach
toward Essential Being”


University Of The Seven Rays



The Morya Federation is an affiliate of the University of the Seven Rays, a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational corporation in the State of Arizona: 501 C-3


The Morya Federation is an international Esoteric School whose faculty members and students represent more than 25 countries in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Our campus resides on the Internet, where students can access all resources needed for successful learning and a rewarding Spiritual Quest experience. We offer a variety of programs to suit students at various levels of expertise and time availability.

All individuals who are drawn to spiritual teachings and to a comprehensive program of esoteric Meditation, Study and Service are welcome.

Our goal is to help create soul-illumined servers of humanity—servers inspired by love, spiritual will and spiritual intelligence—who can cooperate in establishing the new culture and civilization of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius.

Learn more about this advanced esoteric course of study...

Visit The Morya Federation Website

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