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The Hidden History of Humanity: Series Preview

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HHH: Series Preview, based upon the book by Phillip Lindsay To find out more about this video series: http://www.hiddenhistoryhumanity.com/… The Hidden History of Humanity project is an alternative vision of history, from the esoteric viewpoint of the ageless wisdom teachings. It seeks to re-establish the true chronology of evolution which is essentially the unfoldment of […]

Egoic Lotus Webinar Commentaries

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By Michael D. Robbins This webinar deals with the fundamentals of the study of the Egoic Lotus (studying various diagrams of the lotus—some, in interesting esoteric ways, more correct than others) and begins the task of looking at background references which are required to study the lotus in a foundational manner. The first such study […]

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By Lucis Trust     ~~  3,456 Views when added to 7Rays.tv The sense of God, of immortality, of subtle inner relationships, and of worship and the undue sensitivity of modern men is our outstanding heritage from Atlantis.

Global Resource Alliance

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Welcome to Global Resource Alliance GRA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing hope, joy and abundance in the Mara Region of Tanzania. By sharing ideas, volunteers and financial resources with local, community based organizations we seek to promote natural, holistic and sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty, malnutrition and disease. The inspiration […]

PIP II – Personal Identity Profile – Version II

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The PIP II (Personal Identity Profile II) is a unique self-assessment tool which is based on the Seven Rays, part of the Ageless Wisdom, and used to help people gain insight into themselves, their purpose and life direction. Originally developed in 1984-85 it has been taken by thousand of people throughout the world. It has […]

Easy Enlightenment

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Featured Presentation from The Spiritual Life TV Channel EASY ENLIGHTENMENT: A Faster Path For Everyone Featuring Glenn Mullin Produced by Olivia Hansen Post Production – Justin Wilkinson. Alignment Media

Mandala Messages

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Your Sanctuary for Daily Inspiration Mandala Messages Mandala Messages features a wide variety of short meditative videos designed for conscious living. The magic of this website is to function as an Online Oracle; one word or phrase that will stir the soul or change your perspective. There are nine categories to choose; 108 mindful messages to guide and inspire. Members ask for the right message to be given. Thus, the […]

Harold Moses: The Bach Principle

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The Vibrational Architecture of Living Together in Harmony. A talk given at the 27th Annual Conference of the Seven Ray Institute and the University of the Seven Rays. — “I want to demonstrate to the world the architecture of a new and beautiful social commonwealth. The secret of my harmony? I alone know it. Each […]


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