The Seven Rays

What is meant by the word “ray?”
“A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates.” The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world. They are too essential and encompassing to be wholly contained or isolated within our narrow band of the Greater Spectrum. This is a list of some of the more common synonyms:


The ray teaching gives us an energy picture of creation and of life at all levels of being. It provides a means of explaining the intricate interrelationships of all things, spiritual and material; and it proclaims their oneness and interconnectedness. As part of this energy picture of the cosmos, human beings are, of course, themselves composed of ray energies. The various bodies or vehicles of incarnation of the individual human being—the personality, the mind, the soul, etc.—are said to issue forth on one or other of the rays.

The psychological application of the ray hypothesis is of particular interest because it provides a practical energy framework for understanding the make-up of individuals and groups. The rays of a person, when determined, studied and understood, will enable that individual, or his counselors or therapists, to “go to the source.” Knowledge of ones’ energy-essence and underlying vital composition can be invaluable in developing a balanced program for life.

Djwhal Khul has been our primary source of information on the seven rays for the past 80 years. There have long been hints of this doctrine concealed within the teachings of all great philosophies and religions, but it has not been systematically presented. Astrology, since ancient times, has been divided into exoteric and esoteric branches. The ray teaching, however, has remained esoteric and largely hidden from the world.

The reason for the new emergence of this ancient knowledge at this time seems quite simple. Humanity, the world disciple, is apparently now ready, and stands on the threshold of a great awakening. New responsibilities, new opportunities and new light are being urged upon us by the teachers of the race. Concurrent with this expansion is the need for a deeper, conscious penetration by the human race into the essential nature of reality. What was once occult mystery is now rapidly becoming practical science.

Modern physics has concluded that all is energy, that within every form lies an essential network and pattern of energy. The seven ray teaching, in scientific terms, is a hypothesis that asserts the following: All energy within form is fundamentally septenate in character. The energy, as well as the forms derived from it, can be described through seven discrete and archetypal streams.

The seven streams of energy, it is said, are the very vibrations within matter, space and form which define and infuse all objects, all beings, and all events in manifestation. They combine and interweave to create all the complex systems known as reality, from the grandest interstellar spectacle to the smallest mundane occurrence of daily life. As concepts they will be found to be familiar, simple and direct of apprehension. They strike a chord in our consciousness and are, quite literally, closer to us than breath.

In order to understand the “seven streams of force,” we are constrained to use verbal and numerical descriptions. But bear in mind that any words we may use are mainly attempts to translate a quality into a form. And, in translations of any kind, something of the original is always lost.


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